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Dirt particles are loosened by the high frequency sound waves, which can free them from your mattress fibers. We can get rid of the waste simply using a commercial grade vacuum, trapping a lot of stuff it gathers up. After that, an all-natural organic disinfectant is used to clean the mattress. Anything living or bacterial in the mattress is subsequently eliminated. Beyond this concept, a mattress spray is used to repel insects and eliminate more bacteria in the mattress. You will not find this volume of thoroughness and dedication with a particular cleaners in the market. Below, are the different options for mattress cleaning we offer.

Steam Cleaning

This hot water extraction method of mattress cleaning is a wonderful cleaning fairly new mattresses without stains. It uses hot water to wash the surface of the mattress. The process is ideal for a mattress which happen to have had a cleaning on a regular basis.

Shampoo Cleaning

Some mattresses take a beating from people sleeping on it, kids playing on it, and pets lounging, scratching, and playing on it. Shampooing your mattress is the answer to lift out there dirt, pet hairs, coupled with other particles which is able to make your mattress look dingy, feel rough, and smell awful. Food and beverage spills will soak into the fibers of the mattress, creating mold that can cause unhealthy for your family’s health. Periodic shampooing of the mattress is necessary to clean deep down to stop the rot that results from spills as well as can soften and fluff the mattress. Shampoo cleaning keeps your mattress smelling nice, looking nice, and feeling nice and will ultimately lengthen the actual of your life of the mattress.

Deep Cleaning

This type of cleaning is made for mattress which have not been maintained, have several stains, spots and spills or just need a deep down cleaning and scrubbing. This method is also ideal for those with pets. This cleaning is paired with our water extraction cleaning for any flooding issues. The difference between the deep cleaning and the other 2 cleanings is that this cleaning takes some time to dry but well worth the wait.

We never subcontract any work out. Unlike other companies, we will never steer you in to an agreement for multiple services. We ensure repeat customers by offering excellent customer service- not forcing our customers into a contract. We offer Mattress Cleaning for all our home and office customers.

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