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So you bought a piece of leather furniture a few years ago and you’ve noticed it doesn’t look as it once did. What to do? Try cleaning it yourself? Unless you have the know-how, specific commercial tools, commercial grade cleaner and conditioner I would not suggest attempting it on your own. Leave it to the experts at Antique Rug Cleaners. You have invested time and money into the purchase of your leather product. We have been cleaning leather for 20+ years and do it well. Leather cleaning and leather conditioning services are our specialty. It does take artisans in order to properly work on leather, and we have the experience and talent to get your leather items looking new again. We also offer a leather protective finish application for older leather to give it a protective shield so it is safe from spills. What do you do in order to clean it? Do you simply give it a small cleaning with wet cloth and leave it? Are you seeing that your leather simply not look as good as it used to? Our professional leather cleaning service can help remove oils and greases that can make your leather dull and lose its grain. Because of the large cost you probably incurred to choose these items, you might want to make sure your investment is guarded from this wear and tear. With our help you can keep your leather looking amazing with our services. Our leather conditioners are organic and unique, and will give your leather a silky smooth feel and a great luster.

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We never subcontract any work out. Unlike other companies, we will never steer you in to an agreement for multiple services. We ensure repeat customers by offering excellent customer service- not forcing our customers into a contract. We offer Leather Cleaning for all our home and office customers.

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