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We clean all rugs. Synthetic, nylon, polyester, wool, silk, berber, shag, viscose, oriental,, perisan, hard made, heirloom, estate rugs and ofcourse antique rugs, and all other rugs. We use all organic based cleaners. We offer free pick up and free delivery for this service.

Our Rug Cleaning Process:

Pre-Inspection: We glance around the rug to determine its condition, checking for discoloration, fading and stains, with whatever damage was there before. This way, we can find out just how well we can clean the rug and which way is wise to use.

Dusting: We utilize compressed air and tools to generate all of the built in dust out of your rugs. Your fibers might possibly be negatively battling with visitors in addition to irritants, and then we dust or air wash the rug, which is additional effective than merely beating or vacuuming the rug.

Pre-Treatment: We use the latest tools to pretreat spots, stains and spills.

Pre-Clean: Though we cannot reverse wear or fading, we will pre-clean heavily soiled sections of the rug.

Cleaning: We get soil ground in dirt of the rug using agitation, dissolution, suspension, and extraction.

Rinsing: This serves to purge out soil and cleaners.

Restoration: We groom the rug with unique tools to make it look almost new.

Drying: Our drying room is made to heat dry your rugs so they get soft and ready for delivery.

Final Inspection: Before contacting you for delivery we inspect he rug to make sure we have done our very best in getting it as clean as possible.

We never subcontract any work out. Unlike other companies, we will never steer you in to an agreement for multiple services. We ensure repeat customers by offering excellent customer service- not forcing our customers into a contract. We offer Area Rug Cleaning for all our home and office customers.

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